Who am i ?

I am British by birth, but grew up in Geneva in a high-level scientific environment, my father being a particle physicist and one of the pioneers of CERN, and my mother a gynaecologist. From early childhood, I knew I would embark on a career in medicine.

On leaving school I therefore went in for medicine, thinking I would follow on to specialise in gynaecology. However, a period of work experience in 1980 in the Nice cancer research centre (Centre Lacassagne) led to my specialising in oncology, and this remains my field of work.

Radiation-oncology enabled me to combine the highly technical nature of quantum physics with a luminary and clinical form of medicine.

Over time, my patients have guided me to where I am now. A progression through palliative care to the more initiatory, spiritual openness of Reiki revealed ways ahead that prove to be more philosophical and spiritual, to guide me with my patients towards healing on other levels. Currently I work in a bicephalous

I am the mother of two grown children, and divide my time between my various passions: medicine and creativity, including inspired painting, music and my dreams of a medicine of the future that would be of a refined biotechnical nature, hand in hand with an energy medicine of multidimensional healing.